Brutal Manga Chapter 19.5

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10 thoughts on “Brutal Manga Chapter 19.5”

  1. great work!! i hope you feel better! i hope you know art takes time and if people are rushing you, ignore them because you come first <3

  2. I love this story so much, please get better soon Sensei and take good care of your health. I will wait for how long it takes for the next update!

  3. I found about about this manga on YT. I’m really glad that I decided to check it out. This is amazing. The art and plot is worth read. I’ll recommend to other people. Don’t rush and take care Sensei. We’ll wait for update patiently.

  4. Get well Sensei, take your time, being healthy is very important!! Btw, I absolutely LOVE Brutal, the plot is soooo good and interesting, I love Dan, he’s really nice and cool 🤭 This manga is probably one of my favorites 💖💖💖


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